Losing weight? Go NUTS!

Most people agree that the hardest part about keeping a diet is controlling the urge to snack in between meals. We live in a snack driven society which can be a good and a bad thing. Most things that you think “low-cal” actually aren’t and that’s why your best bet is always going nuts.

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Nuts are rich in omegas, proteins, fatty acids and minerals like folate which makes them mostly low-fat, low-cal, high in protein and fiber. Eating nuts will give you the feeling of satiety and help you control cravings. They are the perfect snack food!

The “better” nuts: Almonds, cashews and pistachios are the best choices because a handful of these nuts will stop you from overeating. Eat them 15 minutes before meals to curb hunger.

The “careful” nuts: Tiptoe around peanuts, pecans, macadamias, and Brazilian nuts since they have more calories and fat than other nut varieties. Eat them with caution and follow portion suggestion.

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The walnut equation: They are rich in alpha linoleic acid (ALA) and omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation. You should eat a handful of these nuts with your oatmeal in the morning so you can eat less at lunchtime.

Carry a little bag of nuts with you to eat them when hunger attacks. Remember, portion control is the key to your weight loss success even when the foods are good for you. So, don’t go nuts eating nuts. 


Milena Prinzi

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