4 Seeds to Lose Weight Without the Gym

Countless studies have proven that we need to eat breakfast in order to kick-start our metabolism and lose weight during the day. The food of choice is oatmeal (plain, cooked in water) not just because is a low-fat, low-cal food, but because you can jazz it up with powerful fat-blasting seeds.

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Not all seeds are created equal, some are rich in antioxidants and properties that burn fat quickly and those are the ones you want in your oatmeal, salads and just plain as a midday snack. The following are the seeds our editor Milena Prinzi likes best.

Pumpkin seeds


Rich in zinc which help the body burn fat and calories faster, these seeds are also high in iron and magnesium which are great to increase your energy levels.



Perfect seeds for weight loss because they have a high content of  fiber, omega-3, magnesium, potassium, iron and are low-fat.

Sunflower seeds


These seeds are the perfect low-fat snack while eaten raw, not roasted. They are rich in vitamin E, fiber and vitamin B which help burn calories.

Flax seeds


Rich in omega-3, flax seeds eliminate toxins in the body and help absorb fat quickly. These seeds are low-fat and perfect aide weight loss.

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