Medicine Ball Workouts For a Sexier Bod

We all crave a fit body with toned abs, arms and firmer butt and legs. There’s no reason why we can’t have it. Some of us are ‘allergic’ to weights and get bored easily doing reps. What to do? Well, fortunately medicine balls are available at most gyms are the perfect tool to increase resistance, endurance and strength.You can also purchase a med ball and do these workouts at home. Since they are weighted, you’ll be toning and defining your muscles with every single moveLet’s watch how to exercise with these balls.

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All about your core

A tight core means tighter abs, better posture, stronger back and finer chest. Start with a 5-pound weighted ball and work your way up. You’ll see the results in a couple of weeks.

Abs Shaper

These easy and effective series of moves for beginners will make you fall in love with your medicine ball. Your abs will feel sore and tight after the first round. Hello crop tops!

Arms definer

These exercises will work your whole body, especially your arm muscles. Increase the weight and size of the ball to make the workout more challenging. You’ll notice the definition on your shoulders and chest too.

Full Body Workout

This workout will have you bikini ready before you know. You’ll feel the change in your body and muscles in no time. Commit for a couple of weeks and you’ll be flaunting your bod with confidence this summer. Ok, let’s get down to business!






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